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Five Products I Use For My Winter Skin Care Routine

Truth moment, I haven’t been taking care of my skin as much as I should lately. In the summer I don’t moisturize like I should and by time winter comes my skin is extra dry. I remember being in high school and focusing way to much on how I looked . I would not leave the house without my makeup done, this meant moisturizing my skin as well. Now in my mid twenties I just haven’t taken care of my skin the way I should. I’ve realized that the older you get the more you need to protect your skin. I wait until winter comes to start incorporating the five products I use for my winter skin care routine. In reality I should have taken care of my skin all year round so during the Winter month’s I don’t have to spend time trying to repair it.

The first and by far favorite product in my winter skin care routine is my Clarisonic Mia, which makes it easier to scrub my face without causing damage to it. The brush heads are interchangeable as well as are geared to specific problem areas on your face. I like to apply my fresh soy face cleanser onto the bristle heads and clean my skin that way. But If I’m looking for a tougher cleanse, I will apply my favorite rose face mask and clean it off with my Clarisonic. I find that when using my Clarisonic I am able to get a deeper cleanse and it removes a hundred percent of my makeup. After washing my face I will apply my simple moisturizer at night-time and apply my No7  moisturizer during the day since it has SPF.

When winter time comes, I’ve found that my skin becomes completely dry and starts to peel. My main problem area has always been the bridge and side of my nose. But lately I’m starting to notice that my mouth and forehead are becoming extremely dry as well. In order to combat this issue, I wash my face in the morning with my soy face cleanser. I’ve found that this has been leaving my skin extremely moisturized. At night-time I scrub my face with my rose face mask, I know that this takes away any unwanted dead skin and prepares my skin for the next day.

I didn’t start using Clinique until high school when my sister bought it for me as a Christmas gift. The acne on my forehead was really bad and I needed a different way to clear it up. The first time I used Clinique I immediately noticed a difference, I noticed the dirt was off on a cotton ball. Today, I only use the Clinique step 3 because it helps to even out my skin. I’ve found that in the summer I become extremely tanned and my skin becomes patchy and discolored. This product however keeps my skin even and not patchy.

Many times before I tried and failed finding a good moisturizer for my face. Nothing worked with my oily to sometimes super dry skin. It wasn’t until a friend at the time recommended No7 to me. She loved it and would buy a jar every month when she ran out; one day she suggested I try it and I did. Ever since then this is my go to face moisturizer. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed, not to mention it protects it from the sun since it has spf in it. If you’re looking for a moisturizer, I’d try this first, since it’s super inexpensive.

Have you tried the Clarisonic? What do you think about it?

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