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I can’t believe it’s the start of a new decade, the past ten years have been anything but great. This year I’ve decided to set a mantra that’s more realistic than setting a resolution. My word of the year is uniko, which means living in the moment, detached from the bothers of life. In 2019 I let way to many things bother me to the point where they consumed my deepest thoughts. I could never truly fine happiness or peace in anything; this year I refuse anything less than what I’m capable of giving myself. At the end of every week I’ll check in, work on what needs to be changed and make a plan for the following week. Instead of constantly being bothered or annoyed I’ve decided to think before I react and exhale my worries deeply.

I will say that this month has started off rocky and I’ve even failed at times, but I haven’t given up. Most days I’m still bothered because being human it gets hard to detach most days. When I thought of my word for 2020 I needed a word that challenged me, a word that perfectly related from what 2019 held me back from. I knew that if it didn’t challenge me then it wasn’t worth achieving, after all something isn’t really yours if you haven’t earned it. Last year I was burnt out mentally and emotionally which led to a lot of fear, frustration and regrets. Even now I still feel the repercussions trying to sneak up on me.

This year I’m going to be present for my family, especially my son whose starting to mimic things I do. He deserves a mother who is in the moment and not worried about other things.  I will show up and be mentally present because I deserve that for myself. Sometimes if not most, I forget that I’ll never get back the time I’ve wasted worrying about nothing so why waste it.

Happy New Year! If you’ve picked a word this year I’d love to know!


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