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Want to know how I unplugged from social media and society for a whole weekend? Just two hours from Atlanta and the solitude you’ve been waiting for welcomes you. I promise your time at the Getaway House will be  just as amazing as mine. Keep reading for a discount code so you can disconnect too.


Growing up I always loved being outside. It didn’t matter where I was I found an excuse to roll in the grass or just lay there staring at the sky. When I was older, I loved hiking with my parents. I learned how to pitch my own tent and simple skills to survive in the woods.

When I met my husband to my surprise he loved camping, fishing and just being outside. Before becoming parents we would go camping a lot. We would make our own food over a fire pit in the woods. There was something about being in nature, surrounded by trees that demanded our attention. I instantly felt calmer and freer from not having to worry about checking items off my to-do list.


Since becoming a first time mom we haven’t had the opportunity to just stop and breathe. A lot of things we use to do as pre-child are a little different now. We knew we needed to get outdoors and just find that solitude we once felt again. But having a seven month old who had to be fed every three hours with warm bottles and food made camping not an option. When I discovered the Getaway House in January I had to go. I knew this was my new normal of what camping looked like for a while.

The Getaway Houses are tiny cabins where you can disconnect from it all. We were surrounded by nothing but trees. There was no cellphone service or wi-fi and the only store for miles was a small general store. It was absolutely the best experience I could ask for. This was the best way to be able to completely be disconnected from everything.


Our cabin had electricity, a hot shower, flushing toilet, kitchenette, ac/heat and two queen size beds with a huge window to wake up to the sunrise each morning. We even had tons of snacks for purchase which the Getaway calls “provisions.” The kitchenette made it easy for us to prepare our meals on the electric stove and wash our dishes in the sink nearby. We didn’t need to bring any pots, pans, plates or cups as they were all included. Our tiny cabin also came with paper towels, trash-bags, dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and towels.


Our bed was super comfortable with pillows and a comforter to match. Every morning we were able to lay in bed and look out of our big window. There was something that made waking up surrounded by nothing but trees so calming. We didn’t have any WiFi, and no mirrors which forced us to reconnect and focus on our inner being and to be truly present.

I was able to take sometime out to read and to re-evaluate what life looked like. On our last night at  the Getaway House my husband cooked our dinner by the campfire and for desert we made s’mores and just talked. After desert we just sat there taking in the quietness because we knew in less than 24 hours we would have to return back to  the craziness of life. I knew when I finally returned back to the hustle and bustle of life I wanted to find sometime every now and then to disconnect.


FAQs About Getaway House

Where are the Getaway Houses located?

The Getaway has outpost in Atlanta, Boston, D.C, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburg-Cleveland and Portland.

What does each cabin include?

Each cabin comes with cooking essentials such as pots, pans, knives, olive oil, salt and pepper. It also includes fresh linen, towels, paper towels, toilet paper and hot water. You’ll also have access to a queen size bed, a mini fridge, ac/heat.

How do you check in/out?

The day of check in you’ll receive a text with you cabin name and cabin key code. Upon checking out you enter your cabin key code and press the lock button to secure the cabin.

Is it good for kids/pets?

Its a great experience for kids and pets I was able to take my dogs as well as my 7 month old and still had a great time. We had several hiking trails near us as well as a huge fishing lake. However if you have older children they will enjoy this experience more than a younger child would  since they are able to do more.

Is there a group stay option?

The Getaway includes 2-4 person cabins. The 4 person cabin where we stayed came with two queen size bunk beds and still had lots of space to feel comfortable. Looking back now we could have been fine with just one queen size bed since we didn’t even use the second one.

What should I do in the area?

If you decide to leave to go exploring, Suches offers lots of things to do. There’s several restaurants about 45 minutes outside of town. You can even go exploring. Suches has lots of waterfalls, vineyards, lakes, museums, and outdoor adventures such as tubing and kayaking. We chose not to adventure out because we wanted to truly experience what it meant to Getaway. The day we did venture out was for my husband to go fishing.


Want to experience what it feels like to disconnect? Luckily for you I have a coupon code. Use the code ROCHELLE25 for $25 off your stay.


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