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For the past six weeks I’ve switched from my regular sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner to a New custom one. Formulate is a personal hair care company which understands that not two people have the same hair. If our hair’s drastically different, then our hair products should be also. That’s where formulate comes in to create shampoo and conditioner that you customize based on your specific hair type.


Through a survey you answer a series of questions about your hair. Some questions include your hair texture, if it’s oily or dry. You’re also asked the color of your hair, the length and the sensitivity of your scalp. After answering a series of questions, you’re then able to choose your scent for your shampoo and conditioner. Once you’re done completing your survey, you’re then asked what some of your hair care needs are.

My hair goals included obtaining moisture in my hair because it usually becomes dry pretty quickly. I also wanted a shampoo that deep conditioned my hair while leaving it glossy at the same time. One of my biggest hair goals was to retain the length of my hair as well as protect my new growth. I suffer from postpartum hair loss so this was an important one for me.


Once your survey is completed, the formulate team will customize a shampoo and conditioner based on your specific hair needs. Some of my ingredients included coconut based soap which provided a gentle clean to my hair. In addition to that my shampoo and conditioner contained Argan oil which helps tame frizzy hair to make it softer and silkier.  My shampoo also contained saw palmetto which helps aid in the thinning of hair; this was so important to me to try to retain as much of my hair as possible.

One week in after using Formulate, I noticed a huge difference in my hair. This only after I had to reformulate because the first formula didn’t work for me.  The second time around, I noticed I was able to wash and condition my hair and it became perfectly curly without any added products. This alone was a complete win for me because having naturally curly hair, I’m prone to needing additional products just to get my hair to cooperate. Thankfully on the second try, everything worked out. For some it may take three tries just to get the correct formula.


The conditioner however was my absolute favorite. One of the main reasons I had to reformulate my bottles was because the conditioner left my hair completely dry and unmanageable. However after receiving my second bottles, both the shampoo and conditioner left my hair completely soft and manageable. Soft and manageable hair is a must especially when your hair is thick and curly.

Also keep in mind that since Formulate is a sulfate free shampoo, it doesn’t lather as much as one that contains sulfates. This however didn’t bother me as I already use sulfate free products in my hair.  In fact before I even agreed to work with Formulate, having natural ingredients was a must for me. In addition to that, sulfate free products don’t strip your hair if it’s natural ingredients. Keeping natural ingredients was a must for me because I didn’t want to completely introduce my hair to products it wasn’t use to.

Since I’ve noticed a complete 360 in my hairs look and feel, I’d like to gift one of you with the same amazing results. By entering my giveaway, one of you will be able to Formulate your hair with your own customizable shampoo and conditioner. Just click the link, complete the survey and you’ll be entered. I promise you won’t regret your decision.



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