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Moby Wrap, You Are Our Best Friend

Even before I became pregnant, I knew I wanted to carry my baby in a wrap style carrier. In all honesty, this probably stemmed from my mission trip at 18 to Africa after seeing how they carry their babies.  I was fascinated at how a simple piece of fabric could carry a whole human. Non the less it worked and after getting pregnant several years later I knew I was still interested.

When my son was born I found it difficult to get anything done. I would leave the room and several minutes later he’d be crying. Between laundry being done, bottles being washed and meals being cooked he’d cry. I knew if I wanted to get anything done he’d need to be with me. That was when I decided to purchase the moby wrap I had listed on my registry.

After purchasing my Moby Wrap I don’t know how I ever survived without it. I’m able to carry my son everywhere I go. Our favorite places to wear our wrap is to friends houses, the grocery store and even sporting events. My son has no problem being wrapped up tight, in fact he immediately falls asleep after being put in it.

The Moby Wrap fabric is stretchy and long enough to wrap any sized baby. I love how it supports my babies bottom and neck without any worry that he’s going to fall from it. Not to mention the ease in which I learned to wrap in less than a minute. I also love that my baby is able to lay directly on my chest so he has the comfort of my heartbeat just like in the womb.

Overall this by far is one of the best purchases I’ve made. I know that in years to come I’ll be able to use it with my next baby. After several uses and washes, the fabric still feels exactly how it did when I first opened the box. This reassurance alone let’s me know time and research was put into creating a safe, effective product.


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