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The Last Year Of My Twenties

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Every year I tell you what I learned from living a whole year older. At 27 I gave you some important lessons, at 28 I reflected on new ones. This year I won’t do that, this year, today I turn twenty-nine. In honor of me living my last year in my twenties, it’s more fitting for me to tell you all the things I want to accomplish this year. I hope that this somehow inspires you to love each moment, month and year like you have nothing to lose.

Holding a colorful birthday cake

1. Quit my job and try to blog full-time.

2. Go backpacking

3. Finish my bible in a year, this year has to be it.

4. Go on a road trip.

5. Read more books.

6. Spend more time in nature.

7. Get a small tattoo that means a lot.

8. Stop apologizing.

9. Stay in a tiny house.

10. Visit Bali.

11. Experience New Years in New York.

12. Go to a drive in movie.

13. Finally make it to a lantern festival.

14. Outdoor movie night beneath the stars with hubby.

15. Eat better.

16. Finally learn to love my body.

17. Spend the night alone in a nice hotel.

18. Treat myself to something I’ve always wanted.

19. Swim with dolphins.

20. Finish the last four states so I can mark off visiting all 50 states.

21. Travel more.

22. Write a letter to a random address and see if they write back.

23. Attend the Lantern Festival.

24. Finally start the business I’ve always wanted to do.

25. Camp on the beach.

26. Go scuba diving.

27. Save $8k

28. Visit the elephant ranch in Florida.

29. Join a nonprofit and volunteer.


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