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Another year, another reflection. This month I celebrated my twenty-eighth birthday and it was the greatest. It was the greatest because it’s the happiest I’d been in a long time. Turning twenty-seven was nothing like I’d thought it would be. I literally spent seven months of it being depressed, but those seven months grew and taught me things I’ll never forget.

1. In your darkest moment you find out who you truly are.

2. When you’re down, the only place left to go is up.

3. Sometimes you outgrow people and that’s okay.

4. The hardest thing to do is be honest with yourself.

5. Forget what people think about you, they judge you for thirty seconds and move on to something else.

6. You are your biggest cheerleader and sometimes your biggest enabler, choose wisely.

7. You start to look at life through a clearer lens.

8. Time becomes more precious to you.

9. This two shall pass.

10. Pilates is good for the soul.

11. Try new things, they could end up being life changing.

12. Marriage is the greatest, hardest, best decision I’ve made.

13. Crying cures most things.

14. A good book is a great escape for a while.

15. Vulnerability is difficult, but completely worth it.

16. Laziness does not move mountains.

17. Stop comparing yourself to others, it’s wasteful and pointless.

18. You don’t need everything you see.

19. Sometimes we break ourselves more than anyone ever could.

20. Failure the first time doesn’t mean you just give up.

21. Appreciate the ones you love, they could be here today and gone tomorrow.

22. Wanting a baby and having to go through hoops to have one changes you.

23. Don’t silently suffer alone, it’s the worse kind of suffering.

24. Sometimes your “friends” aren’t really “friends” at all.

25. You meet the most unlikely people in the most unlikely places and they become some of the most important people to you.

26. Some of your closest friends are older than you.

27. It’s okay to be hurt and be sad, just don’t stay that way.

28. Yes is not the answer to everything.


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