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This post is sponsored by Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. Although I did receive these products as a gift, all opinions are my own.

Truth moment, I haven’t been taking care of my skin as much as I should lately. In the Summer I don’t moisturize like I should and by time Fall comes my skin is extra dry. I remember being in high school and focusing way to much on how I looked. I would not leave the house without my makeup done, this meant moisturizing my skin as well. Now in my mid twenties I just haven’t taken care of my skin the way I should. I’ve realized that the older you get the more you need to protect your skin. I wait until Fall comes to start being consistent with my skin care routine. In reality I should have taken care of my skin all year round so during the Fall month’s I don’t have to spend time trying to repair it.

I’ve noticed that by not taking care of my skin, not only is it dry but it’s also broken out with acne. The best and most sufficient way in reversing the damage and clearing up my acne is my Clarisonic Mia 1, which makes it easier to cleanse my face I’m record time. The brush heads are interchangeable as well as are geared to specific problem areas on your face. My go to face cleanser was the Clarisonic gentle hydro cleanser which I’m still equally obsessed with. However after receiving the pore blemish gel cleanser I noticed my acne disappear in a couple of days. I even noticed how much softer and brighter my skin looked and felt.


It literally took me years to to find a product that worked for my skin and all of that changed in a matter of two days. I was already using my Mia 1 by Clarisonic for my skin care routine but I’m so glad I was able to partner with them to let you know first hand how life changing their products are. When using my Clarisonic I am able to get a deeper cleanse and it removes a hundred percent of my makeup. I believe that we wash our faces with makeup remover wipes not realizing that deep down in our pores the makeup is still there. After using my Clarisonic Mia 1 with the pore and blemish cleanser, I noticed so much of my makeup appearing on the brush head. I even noticed that I was able to get a deeper clean to fight my acne by using their acne brush head.

Step 1: I wake up in the morning and splash some warm water on my face. This helps to wake me up as well as prepare my skin to be cleansed.

Step 2: After splashing water on my face, I use my Clarisonic Mia 1 to cleanse my skin. My Mia 1 sonic cleanses my face and leaves it feeling soft and fresh! I take my Clarisonic and run some water over the brush head and apply my pore blemish gel cleanser.


*Fact: The Mia 1 comes with a Radiance brush head attached to it, however for $27 each you can get the Deep Pore brush head for cleaning out your pores. You can also get the Acne brush head to help fight any acne on your face. I found that the acne brush worked great for my acne prone forehead, and the Deep Pore brush worked amazing on the big pores of my nose.

After applying the pore and blemish gel to my Mia 1 I turn it on and focus on my forehead, cheeks, and chin which is where my acne occurs. I don’t press hard at all but simply let the brush turn in its circular motions to get the best out of cleansing my skin. After one minute the brush stops spinning and you can then move on to the next part of your face.


The Mia 1 retails for $129, but you can get 15% off all these devices by using the code “HERCAMPUS” If you find that after the discount is applied that it’s still too much, Clarisonic offers monthly payments upon credit approval.

After I’m done washing my face, I rinse my brush off, and pat some of the water off onto a towel. I then place the cap back on and set it on my vanity to dry. For the best results in fighting my acne I use my Clarisonic in the morning and at night before bed.

Step 3: Once I’m done cleansing my face I apply my moisturizer which helps to lock in extra moisture to keep my skin hydrated for the rest of the day.

BACK STORY: I’ve been using the Clarisonic Mia 1 for 3 years now before even partnering with Clarisonic and Her Campus Media. I wanted to partner with them to bring you an honest unbiased opinion on a product that’s worth every single penny because it works. I’ve seen the results of how the Mia 1 has changed my skin and still continues to do so. I now know that with more time by using the Pore Blemish Gel Cleanser my skin will look so much more vibrant. Below are the before and after pictures of cleaning my skin for 7 days with the Mia 1 and Pore Blemish Gel together. In the top before picture, you can clearly see my forehead acne, in the after picture my forehead acne is gone.




Before using the Mia 1 with the Pore & Blemish Gel


After using the Mia 1 with the Pore & Blemish Gel

I’ll let the results speak for themselves. However I will keep using my Mia 1 and the Pore Blemish gel in order to continue to keep my acne away. If you’re curious and want to try the Clarisonic out please note that a brush does come with it, however they suggest you change it every 3 months. When looking for what works best for your skin please read the description of each brush.

How did you fight your acne? Let me know in the comment section!



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  1. E. Jones says:

    I have an Clarisonic Mia also and it has been a holy grail for my acne-prone, oily skin. I feel this is one of the best products that has helped clear my skin and I haven’t found anything yet that can replace it.

  2. Sally says:

    I personally don’t have a Clarisonic but I do own a cheaper spin brush and the deep clean that it gives is amazing! You are right, we don’t realize how much makeup is actually left now on our skin after we use a makeup wipe.

    I also didn’t know that Clarisonic had a payment plan! Lol, as a broke college student that’s music to my ears.

    Great post girl!

  3. Summer says:

    Great review! I don’t use Clarisonic products but I do have a spin brush that I can attest to getting a deeper clean. I also feel like automatic spin brushes help brighten your skin. Everyone needs a spin brush in they life.

  4. Jo says:

    Great post. I’ve been wanting this for a while, but I got a vitagoods one on groupon because it was in my price range. lol Maybe I’ll splurge one day.

  5. Shauna says:

    I have a Clarisonic as well and love it! Unfortunately, I haven’t used it in while but I’m definitely going to start again. It does give the skin a super squeaky clean feeling that I love!

  6. That looks nice. I’ve been looking for a cheaper spin brush for my face. My acne has been popping up out of no where. Lol

  7. I’ve always wanted to try exfoliating with clarisonic. My only issue is that I have extremely sensitive skin so I feel like I should do try it out before I make the investment, but your review makes me even more determined to try it.

    • It’s very gentle on the face. Also there’s a ton of different brushes you can purchase for your needs. I have one that I purchased and the bristles are extremely soft. I’ve never had any issues with any of the Clarisonic brush heads on my face.

  8. Those are impressive results! I’ve wanted a cleansing brush for a while. This one seems really good, I’ll look into this one! #blmgirl

  9. Your skin is so beautiful! And you are so right, makeup lingers. I can never just use wipes to remove it.

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