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I am beyond excited to share my month-long Hairstory journey with you. As many of you may know, a month ago I ditched the shampoo and switched over to new wash. From the moment I started using new wash, the curl the pattern of my hair instantly changed. I noticed my curls were more coiled and defined. As a woman with natural hair it’s hard to find products that won’t weigh down your tresses. New wash doesn’t weigh down your hair but gives it long-lasting moisture throughout the day.



New wash is a blend of essential oils and naturally derived saturated cleansers which work with the natural moisture of your hair. Since it’s a gentle cleanser it doesn’t strip away the good things needed for healthy hair and stops the scalp from over producing oil. It doesn’t destroy the moisture in your hair like shampoo does, instead it makes hair feel smoother and look shiner. New wash is also parben,pthalate, sulfate and detergent free. New wash not only replaces your shampoo, but it also replaces your conditioners and masques as well. By replacing unnecessary products, you spend less time washing your hair and saving water. 


My hair is very thick, frizzy, curly. I color treated it a year ago which caused damaged so I’ve been growing it out since then and cutting the color off gradually. My hair is straightened about every two months just to do a length check. During the week I don’t do much to my hair, it usually consists of a wash and go. After washing it I apply either shea moisture or eco styling gel and put it up in a bun. On the weekend I have more time to style my hair, so it’s usually free and super curly.

After years of perming, cutting, and coloring my hair it became extremely damaged. In college my hair was blonde, blue, green, pink, and black not to mention a harsh perm to straighten my hair. In 2012 that all changed when my boyfriend now husband cut off all my hair ( with my request to do so), I had nothing left to hide behind. That’s when I took the necessary steps to love my hair again. Before cutting my hair I never knew how thick and curly it could be and how healthy sulfate free products could help it. Once I figured out the right products that worked for me that’s what I started using.

I later discovered L’ORÉAL sulfate free moisture system. I switch between their EVERCRÉME and EVERSTRONG shampoo. The EVERCRÉME shampoo is to nourish the hair the hair, while the EVERSTRONG shampoo is to make it thicker. After shampooing my hair I then condition it with shea moisture conditioner to get the softness back. Both of these shampoos run about $7 and come in 8.5 fl oz. Since becoming natural five years ago I’ve only had to purchase L’ORÉAL sulfate free moisture system once. A year ago my mom sent me 10 bottles of which I’ve used 7.


Everybody has a hair story. Are you ready for a new chapter? –Hairstory


After finding out that Hairstory was doing a 30 day new wash campaign I immediately jumped on board. Before accepting the challenge I did some research to make sure that new wash didn’t contain any parben,pthalate, or sulfate. I didn’t want to add chemicals to my hair and have been using parben,pthalate, and sulfate free shampoo since becoming natural five years ago. Once I realized that new wash didn’t contain any of these chemicals I accepted the new wash campaign. I was more interested in seeing if it would work on a woman of color with thick curly hair. Before taking the challenge my hair was thick, frizzy and tangly most of the time. But during my 3o day journey all of that changed.


Day 5: My curls come back to life literally. They became soft and bouncy. I remember taking a shower, using new wash and freaking out. I called my husband into the bathroom just so he could look at how curly my hair was.

Day 15: I didn’t have any frizz at all. My hair was extremely curly and easy to manage. I also noticed I didn’t need any extra products in my hair, conditioner included. Not only did new wash act as a shampoo, it acted as a conditioner as well.

Day 30: My hair felt completely revived from the dead. The ends of my curls which are usually rough are now completely smooth and soft. Not once did my hair get tangled while using new which you know as a woman of color with thick curly hair sometimes tangles are inevitable.


I would highly recommend new wash to anyone whole heartedly. The fifth day into my new wash journey I called my mom and told her she absolutely needed to try it. New wash delivered everything it promised, a new sense of loving my hair in a natural state as well as going without washing my hair for a longer period of time. My curls are now soft, bouncy and frizz free. I’m going to keep using new wash and see how my hair reacts to it over a longer period of time. But for 30 days it did more than I could have ever expected. My softness and defined curls lasted for four days at a time, this included sleeping on them as well. I can’t say any other products has proven to be as beneficial for my tresses.

New wash is a 5 out of 5, it’s easy to use and delivers one hundred percent. The cost is comparable to any high-priced shampoo you’d normally purchase. I would highly recommend new wash to anyone whose looking to change-up their hair story, go ahead you won’t regret it.


*I received these products complimentary from Hairstory for testing purposes.*



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  1. Nelly Kung'u says:

    This is exactly what my hair is screaming for.
    It’s just recovering from damage
    Will look into this products

  2. miairaj says:

    I’ll have to look into this! I’ve been using the Carol’s Daughter almond milk line for a while now and I’m open to trying some new products. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kerri says:

    My hair may need this! I have a hard time defining my curls. Thanks for this!

  4. I need this for my hair! Thanks for sharing!

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