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I’ve always been completely honest when it comes to a product review. I’m going to be completely honest and let you know now, my experience with ColourPop lipsticks were anything but great. For a year I’ve wanted to order some ColourPop makeup and try it out for myself. I’d seen plenty of reviews praising the brand and complementing how amazing and pigmented their products are. But I believe people failed to mention how hard it is to remove their lipsticks once applied.


After a year of going back and forth on whether or not to order some ColourPop lipsticks, I finally caved and purchased some. I was so ecstatic to receive them because it was something new for me to try. However upon opening up the package I was more than disappointed. The lipstick and the lip liner were completely out of their packages. After checking everything out to make sure it was fine, I could only imagine what would have happened if I ordered some eyeshadow’s. I’ve bought and ordered several makeup products before and they all came well packaged in a box, completely intact. Receiving makeup out of its packaging was a complete first for me and makes me a little hesitant to order more.

Even after receiving my lipsticks and finding them out of their packages, I sent Colourpop an email. Not to complain, but to let them know so they could prevent any future mess-ups. I did not receive the response I thought I’d receive. I was in essence told that I shouldn’t be worried and that I could still use the products out of their packaging. Um! excuse me! I completely expected a kinder response of apology, it didn’t matter if I could still use it or not. Luckily even though the lid was off the lip liner that wasn’t in its box it wasn’t damaged, but it could have been.


I ended up buying three lipsticks and a lip liner, all in a dark wine/purple color shade. I ordered a matte, satin lipstick and a gloss. Originally I had planned to do a try on swatch of each color, but after not being able to take the lipsticks off I decided against it. Instead I swatched all three colors on my lips to see how they looked and called it a day. The matte and satin were completely dry and hard to remove. I wore Hutch to church and took it off immediately after to workout, but instead it looked like I went to the gym with lipstick on.


In addition to that I feel like the formulas for their matte and satin lipsticks are exactly the same. They both dry the same and the two different colors I ordered looked the same. For those of you who still want to purchase their matte or satin lipsticks, exfoliate your lips and apply chapstick on your lips before applying. In all honesty I don’t know if I’ll ever buy ColourPop’s lipsticks again, but that doesn’t mean I’ll have a bad experience with all of their products. There may be something that can be applied before putting on the lipstick, so the removal is pretty easy. My only and biggest concern was being stuck with a lipstick on longer than I wanted to wear it.

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  1. Tara says:

    Helpful! Thank you!

  2. Iris Schmidt says:

    I’ve been considering Colourpop lipsticks lately! Love this post, very informative! I want one or two now.

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