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Do you make resolutions year after year but one week in you’ve already given up? You’re not alone. I however did not make resolution’s this year, I made goals that I’ve secretly told myself it’s now or never. My scary pep talk and planner organization so far has helped me keep them all. In order to reach your tangible resolution’s, you have to see them. Sometimes the best way is through writing them down. Here’s how I keep my goals for the New Year, maybe this will motivate you to write yours down too.


We’re 13 days into the new year, some of us are still keeping our resolutions, while others have long since forgotten them. Do you keep your resolutions during the week, but on the weekend completely forget them? Some excuses I make are being sore from the gym so that means no working out on the weekend. Another common excuse I use is rewarding myself with ice-cream when I didn’t do anything to deserve it. Does any of these sound familiar? Luckily my husband has been motivating me to do a lot of things I dislike, like going to the gym. Sometimes I see the dreaded word “Gym” in my planner and my day instantly becomes not okay. But just like any habit, it takes 21 days to be consistent about it; after 21 days of consistency no more excuses.

Only you have enough determination to remember why you made a resolution in the first place. Try not to get lost in being so focused on your resolutions, but remember why you want to achieve them. Today I showed you how I keep my goals on track, maybe this method can help you achieve yours. Some other simple ways to keep your resolution’s may include keeping a list or writing down daily affirmations for determination. I  know some people may like to make a list but once they look at it, they instantly see all that needs to be done and immediately back down.

If list aren’t your thing, there are several different apps you can download on your phone to keep you accountable. My favorite apps include yummily, shine, and Fitbit. Yummily, is an app for the busy person who may want to eat healthy but usually grabs the closest thing in reach. It allows you to choose how many people you need to prepare a meal for, and any diet restrictions. It then compiles a list of everything you need from the grocery store that week to prepare your meals. If you like a meal you’ve prepared you can simply hit the yum button to save it. Shine, isn’t really an app, but it’s a daily text message you receive to your phone with positive affirmations. Who wouldn’t want to receive free daily positive affirmations to get you through an unmotivated day. The last app is Fitbit, I’m sure there’s other similar apps out there, but Fitbit’s sleep cycle helps me a lot. At night, I sleep in my Fitbit, and when I wake up in the morning it tells me how many times I was restless. Later, I am able to adjust my sleep pattern according to the previous nights data, this may include going to bed earlier or at a specific time.

If you try any of these methods, please let me know.


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  1. Molly says:

    I’ve never heard of Yummily, how smart!! I keep my resolutions at my desk so I won’t forget them!

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