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Happy New Year. Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me thus far I am forever grateful. In order to say thank you I wanted to do a mini elf makeup giveaway to one lucky subscriber. Some of these were my favorite products when I first started using makeup. The eyeshadow’s are very pigmented and their lipsticks are still my absolute go to favorites. If you’re looking for the perfect Winter look, these eyeshadow’s and lipsticks are everything you could ever need. I love the nude and light pink lippies for an everyday look. I’ve also thrown in two of my favorite blushes, one is a gold brown and the other a pastel pink. I’m also giving away two eyeshadow brushes, one a flat brush to apply eyeshadow and the other a blending brush. I love these brushes so much and I use them every time I apply my eyeshadow.
Elf Makeup Giveaway
Entering for the chance to win an Elf cosmetic bundle of your own is simple! You must be subscribed to, then follow the rest of the steps below to continue entering!
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12 responses to “ELF MAKEUP GIVEAWAY”

  1. Everything done 🙂
    Fingers crossed
    Love and wishes from India<3

  2. Onyinye Elochukwu says:

    I love Eye shadows because it makes the eyes pop.

  3. Anita k says:

    I love Elf Makeup because they have high quality products that I could ever want or need,and have never disappointed.Thanks so very much for sharing.

  4. Sarah Duehr says:

    ELF is one of my favorite affordable makeup brands! I have several makeup products, and some of their skin care as well. I’m even waiting on an order I put in last week to be delivered! 😉

  5. Sarah Duehr says:

    P.S. Eyeshadow is my favorite makeup item. Closely followed by mascara. I love to make my eyes pop!

  6. Terry Stevens says:

    I love eye shadow because it accentuates my eyes.

  7. Maureem says:

    Elf eyeshadow is really nice it makes my eyes pops and their makeups doesn’t give my skin cakey looks. April skin product has good coverage when you have some pimples on your face and I have skin problems. Love both of this makeup brand ?

  8. Stephanie Angon says:

    I just love the Elf brushes they are amazing! They are super soft high quality for a low price!

  9. Ma. Elizabeth Reyes says:

    I love lipsticks because it brightens and gives color to one’s face specially to people who have pale color. I have read from a page this passage, “A face which has all the makeup and no lipstick or lip coloring is just like not wearing makeup at all.”

    I guess, I just value it too much. Though, I really love lippies <3

  10. Vishal says:

    Thanks! ELF brushes are amazing! it is soft or best quality

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