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Eight Beauty Hacks for the Busy Woman

Hey there guys! It’s me Enozia Vakil from Beauty Junction Online, and I’m here to share some super cool and actionable tips and tricks to help you look and feel better, even if you don’t have a lot of time in the day! Sounds interesting right?

You may take pride in your ability to multitask and juggle a job and home life at the same time, but are you giving as much to yourself as you should be? With a hectic lifestyle, a focus on beauty and skincare regimens tends to get sidelined. But hey, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore! Here are a few nifty little hacks that may help you actually care for your skin (and look your best) in a matter of minutes! Go check ‘em out!

  1. Using tea bags on eyes is an excellent way to target those under eye bags and dark circles naturally. Okay that may sound weird, but it’s totally not! Tea is packed with antioxidants, and that used tea bag could just be the perfect way to cool down your eyes and heal the under-eye area naturally!
  2. Have a kohl stick handy. One of the best ways to spend minimal time on makeup and still look your best is to use a gentle swipe of the kohl stick on the waterline, and you’re sorted. Not only is it much less of an effort as opposed to a liquid eyeliner, but it also makes the eyes stand out.
  3. Running out of foundation? Mix together a little concealer with your regular moisturizer and you’re all set, isn’t it one of the best beauty hacks ever?
  4. Want to go old school with your makeup and beauty essentials? Start by replacing your toner for some green tea. Apart from helping with weight loss, green tea also gives you a powerful antioxidant punch which works wonders in boosting your skin’s health.
  5. Don’t have the time to hit the bathroom for a bath but still want to shave your legs quickly? Swap the shaving cream for some regular cold cream or heavy moisturizer and just shave away and wipe off the excess with a damp towel!
  6. Always store your face cleanser and moisturizer in the fridge. Nothing beats the feeling of some cool moisturizer on your face after a long day at work or before you step out for the day. Also, it soothes irritated and aggravated instantly, so that’s an added bonus!
  7. Use a night cream to wake up to super soft skin. Choose a natural skin cream, preferably something with lavender essential oil (to help you sleep better) and use it right before you go off to sleep, it’ll penetrate your skin while you sleep, nourishing and moisturizing it better.
  8. Go the natural way with a weekly hair oil massage to rejuvenate your hair and give it that wow bounce and shine.

Implement these simple tips and tricks to make looking beautiful a bit less of a task than it is!


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