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LOOK ME IN MY LASHES: A Lancôme Product Review

Remember in elementary school when you asked your parents if you could start wearing makeup? We’ll that was me. I remember going to summer camp and seeing the girls in my cabin with caked on faces, mind you I was 10 years old. Looking back I thought it was the coolest thing, they could put colors on their eyes and their lips. We’ll long story short my parents weren’t having it so I bought some clear mascara and lip gloss. It was completely pointless because you didn’t even know it was there. However when I went to high school that all changed, I was rocking the blue and green eyeshadow and dark mascara.

look me in my lashes

These Lancôme products take me back to high school but in a more sophisticated way. They are the adult version of my colored CoverGirl makeup I thought I rocked so well. The mascara is so pigmented and the eyeliner last all day. I mean who wouldn’t want long-lasting makeup to get you through the day.

Look Me In My Lashes

Visionnaire Yeux hasn’t hit the market yet but hopefully will soon because it is amazing. Once it does I recommend everyone getting one, trust me you won’t regret it. Although it runs at $65 I believe it’s worth so much more than that since it does exactly what it promises. It’s an eye corrector cream which leaves your eyes looking awake and refreshed. I noticed while using it that it helped my dark circles a lot as well as doubled as a primer. This makes it easy to wakeup in the morning and use one product for two things, talk about saving time.

Look Me In My Lashes

The Drama Liqui-Pencil eyeliner in the color Noir Intense is so creamy and very pigmented. It went on my waterline effortlessly and didn’t smudge at all. I love how I didn’t have to do more than one pass to get the desired look I wanted. However I didn’t like how I had to struggle to get the top off the eyeliner. The price per eyeliner is $23 but I believe it’s worth it when compared to my drugstore eyeliner which isn’t so creamy and pigmented.

Look Me In My Lashes

If you love intense eyeliner colors like I do occasionally, then you’ll love Lancômes colored eyeliner pencils. They come in 24 different colors including black and cost $23 each. I have Ampoule, which is a light color purple eyeliner with a hint of glitter in it. I like to use it in my tear duct and finish my waterline with a black liner.

Look Me In My Lashes

A year ago my favorite mascara was Calvin Klein because it took my short lashes and made them so dramatic. The Defincils mascara has definitely become a favorite since trying it out. It’s not as expensive, going for about $27.50 each because it works wonders. Not only does it leave my eyelashes long, it spreads them out as well to create the look of falsies.

Look Me In My Lashes

We all know that putting makeup on is the easy part for some. But when it’s time to take my eye makeup off that’s when the real work begins, sometimes it just won’t budge. I remember trying everything to take my makeup off such as wipes and olive oil. That’s just not the case anymore because the Bi-Facil removes  my eye makeup without a problem. For 1.7 fl oz it’s $15.00, the biggest bottle is 6.7 fl oz and cost $39.00. I take my makeup remover cloths, pour some Bi-facil on them and begin to remove my eye makeup effortlessly.

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.*


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